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Dr. Robert Petrtyl was born and raised in Michigan. He earned 3 undergraduate degrees;  a BSE in mechanical engineering,  BA in mathematics, and a BSE in applied mathematics. Also, he graduated in 1980 with a DDS degree from the Medical College of Virginia.

Prior to dentistry he was employed as a design engineer with the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry-Dock Company from 1970 to 1976.

Dr. Petrtyl often times uses the "principles of engineering" in his daily dental treatment. For the past 35 years of practice he has been able to provide very unique and workable approaches for successful dental treatment.

During this time he has also been a Cincinnati Dental Society Member, as well as a member of The Ohio Dental Association and the American Dental Association.
Portrait of Dr. Robert Petrtyl

Personal life

Dr. Petrtyl keeps himself physically fit by participating in several outdoor activities. A high level of physical activity was instilled in him while he spent 6 years in the Maine Corps Reserves. His main passion is tennis which he plays 3-5 times a week, primarily singles. He is also an avid hiker and snow skier.

He also provides some support for the day-to-day function of his office computer system and, if he has time, is also an expert handyman. He often completes both wood working and repair projects at both his home and office. He has two grown children, Theresa and Brian. 
Contact Dr. Petrtyl at 513-554-4657!
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