Athletic mouth guards

Athletic Mouth Guards in Cincinnati OH

If you play a contact sport, then you know the thrill of a good game. You understand the rush of dodging obstacles and opposing team members. And you enjoy scoring points with your family and friends.

But do you understand the risks involved?

Some statistics estimate that 1 out of 4 girl sand 1 out of 3 boys will suffer an oral injury before they graduate high school. And nearly 10 percent of these injuries relate to collision and contact sports such as hockey, football, softball, basketball,and soccer.

If you or your children play sports, talk to Dr. Robert N. Petrtyl about athletic mouth guards in Cincinnati OH.

Do You Really Need a Mouth Guard?

Statistics show that mouth guards could prevent or lessen the impact of most sports-related dental injuries. In fact, athletes who ignore the extra safety precaution are 60 times more likely to suffer damage to their teeth.

At our office, we want to ensure your teeth stay safe without sacrificing the fun and adventure of your favorite sports. When you come in for your appointment, we'll take an impression of your teeth and bite. Next, we'll use the impression to create a mold for your athletic mouth guards in Cincinnati. For maximum comfort, we'll trim and polish the mouth guard so it adapts to your teeth and gums.

Once we've finished your new mouth guard, we'll happily explain the best methods for cleaning and maintaining your oral device.

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Our athletic mouth guards in Cincinnati consist of resilient material that you can wear for a variety of activities. You can rest assured that your protective device will offer sufficient protection without feeling bulky.
If you feel ready for your fitting, call us at 513-554-4657 to schedule an appointment.
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