Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery in Cincinnati OH

When you have pain in your tooth or jaw, you want the pain to end immediately. Dr. Robert Petrtyl and his staff offer oral surgery to Cincinnati patients to relieve their discomfort. No matter which type of surgery you need, we ensure that it will be as efficient and comfortable as possible. 
Our staff is trained to perform a wide variety of oral surgeries.
  • Tooth Extraction: If your tooth is beyond repair due to cracks or advanced decay, our team can safely remove it. Tooth extraction improves your overall dental health. We will also consult with you about options for replacing the tooth and fixing your smile.
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal: Wisdom teeth often crowd your other teeth. If they are impacted, they can cause infection and pain. In select cases they can be removed by our trained dentist.
If you require any of these types of oral surgery in Cincinnati, please call for an appointment at 513-554-4657.
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