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Anti-Snoring Devices in Cincinnati

Snoring isn't pleasant for anyone. Your spouse doesn't enjoy being woken up in the middle of the night. You get groggy from regular sleep disruptions. Instead of soldiering on in discomfort, seek relief from Dr. Robert N. Petrtyl's anti snoring appliances in Cincinnati. 

Why Snoring Happens

Snoring happens when your throat's soft tissue blocks air as you inhale and exhale. Men especially tend to have narrow airways, making them more prone to snoring. Other physical traits that occur in either gender also cause snoring, such as cleft palates, sinus problems, and enlarged adrenal glands.

Not every cause of snoring is naturally occurring. For example, if you're a heavy drinker or smoker, less-than-healthy lifestyle choices may be contributing to your snoring. Certain medications and sleep postures will also leave you prone to this rather discomforting sleeping habit. It's also a side effect of obesity. 

What Snoring Does To Your Health

Snoring goes hand in hand with sleep deprivation. Either you snore and don't sleep, or your partner doesn't sleep. When your sleep is disrupted, your functionality decreases. You simply aren't as mentally sharp as you could be. Snoring also negatively impacts your immune system, leaving you susceptible to illness. 

What You Can Do About Snoring

Oral surgery that reduces the amount of soft tissue in your throat can help stop your snoring. This method can be rather costly. If you prefer a non-surgical solution to your snoring problem, we recommend that you visit our office to get fitted for an anti-snoring appliance. These appliances represent a cost-effective alternative to surgical treatment.

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