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Teeth Whitening in Cincinnati

At the office of Dr. Robert N. Petrtyl, we care about our patients as people and we try to treat each patient the same way that we would want to be treated, i.e. gentleness of procedures, quality and longevity of the treatment and flexibility to work within each patient’s budget. Our goal is to help every patient maintain their teeth and keep them in a healthy condition for a lifetime. For veneers, teeth whitening, check-ups and more, contact us in Cincinnati at 513-554-4657!
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Focus on friendliness

At our dental office, we try to provide a low key and distracting environment to divert the patient’s apprehension away from the procedures that they are undergoing. We do this by becoming involved in their lives and having them become involved in ours. We comment and/or question hobbies, activities, children, vacations, relationships, etc. We want to avoid the “Dr.” egotistical environment and want patients to see us as individuals with their best interests as our goals. Our office is warm and welcoming and you'll always be greeted with a smile. Schedule your appointment with our friendly staff today.
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Patient education

We try to educate all patients to a high level of dental knowledge in terms of prevention and proper treatment intervention such as not planing (gum treatment) in order to avoid more complicated dental conditions. We emphasize periodontal health and all of our dentistry uses that philosophy in dictating treatment objectives and the quality of restorations.

We explain many of the details of the procedures that we provide for them, i.e. root canals filled to the apex, fillings with proper contacts and flossing capabilities, correct occlusal relationships with dentures, crowns, bridges. For more information, get in touch with us today. 

Putting you first

For the patient's convenience we try not to refer out many procedures, however this is done when it’s to the patient's best interest. We also try to see all painful emergencies the same day.

We also try to obtain the maximum insurance benefit for patients by writing letters of disagreement concerning pre-authorization objections and denials by insurance companies. We try to extend treatment over several calendar year limits in order to achieve the best treatment objectives for each patient. We copy x-rays and other supporting information such as intra oral images, etc. at no charge to the patient.

We are professionals capable of a high level of dental treatment in all areas of dentistry except orthodontics. We accomplish excellent cosmetic, periodontics, oral surgery and restorative procedures.   

We advertise “that our friends become our patients and our patients become our friends.” Get in touch with us today, we look forward to befriending you! 
Call 513-554-4657 for friendly dental service!
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