Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction in Cincinnati

Tooth removal

Our dental team always makes every attempt to treat your teeth and remedy any dental malady. Unfortunately, in some cases damage to teeth is in such an advanced stage that it may be necessary to extract the tooth in order to maintain dental health.

Dr. Robert Petrtyl will carefully explore and inform you of any other options before making the decision to remove a tooth. Should tooth extraction become necessary, you are assured the nurturing care that comes with any Dr. Robert Petrtyl procedure.

Extraction scenarios

A tooth extraction procedure might be necessary if:
  • A tooth is broken, cracked or extensively decayed
  • A tooth is in the advanced stages of periodontal disease
  • Teeth poorly positioned or non-functional
We will do everything to salvage your tooth, but if it cannot be remedied then we'll give you the best options to get your mouth back to smiling with confidence again. Call us today to schedule your appointment!
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